XCALLY for Agents


What’s about

A contact center Agent is a person who handles incoming or/and outgoing customer interactions for an organization. 

A contact center is a customer service function that handles customer contacts from multiple channels, which could include phone, chat, email, social media, and more. A contact centre agent is a front-line employee that interacts directly with customers and help with issues.

Some contact centre Agent duties include the following:

  • manage inbound and/or outbound calls;

  • follow various communication scripts when speaking to a caller;

  • handle customer engagement;

  • identify customer needs, answer questions and solve problems;

  • up-sell products and services;

  • build sustainable customer relationships;

  • organize all conversation records;

  • improve performance and hit goals.

Contact center agents are often the only human contact a customer has with a business and therefore can have a significant influence on the customer experience. 

A contact center Agent's job involves various responsibilities that ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. More and more, Agents are critical components of the overall customer experience.

Businesses need to provide their contact center agents with the tools and support needed to successfully assist customers. 

With XCALLY, Agents can easily manage all the interactions, coming from several channels, inside a single Omnichannel Desktop interface

Agent’s Typology

Agents can handle calls through different ways, depending on the Typology: 


The XCALLY Phonebar is an always-on-top application used by Customer Care Agents to mainly manage incoming and outgoing calls


The XCALLY Motion WebRTC Bar (Web Real-Time Communication Bar) is a native application embedded in the Omni Desktop Interface (see below)

When the Agent is set as an External Typology, telephone calls are managed using external or softphones and other activities are managed in the Omni Desktop Interface (see below)

“Mobile” agents typology is for those using the XCALLY Mobile App.Mobile typology is visible only if Mobile feature is enabled on the license and is available from version 3.33.0


All the Agent Typologies manage the interactions through a Single, Unified and Integrated Environment:

Advantages of Unified User Interface

The XCALLY Agent Desktop enables customer care Agents to manage all the interactions coming from every Channel (i.e. Voice calls, Web Chat, Email, Social Networks and more) using the same Unified User Interface.

The CTI & Unified Agent's Desktop provides one single environment for all channel interactions, whose main advantages are the following:

  • Simple Agent's login: you don't need to configure complex SIP settings (as usually done with SIP Clients)

  • The Agent's Profile is not linked to the seat: all your teamwork can share work positions

  • Skill level management of your Agents in the Teamwork

  • Status Setting and easy switching from one queue to the other according to the Administrator's management

  • Pop-up screens providing value-added information about the customers on-line

  • Embedded WebRTC functions to manage voice calls

  • Auto-adapting and always-on-top Phonebar: you don't need to iconize it to use other applications

  • New version available alert for Phonebar: it's very easy to download and install it (no manual configuration required)

  • Phonebar integrated with other applications (like Zendesk, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and more)