XCALLY for Administrators

What’s about

In this section, you can find the Administrator Applications, Sections and Tools to configure and maintain the XCALLY Environment, achieve a full CTI Environment Integration and personalize any detail of your XCALLY System.


The Administrator will be able to:

  • Check the range of activities (Inbound, Outbound, Service Mailbox, Chat, SMS and more) needed by the organization and set up them

  • Define the Routing Strategies and the Contexts to manage internal, inbound and outbound calls 

  • Create, delete and modify users, agents and telephones

  • Create all the Service Queues needed by the organization flow: define working rules, mechanisms by which they are engaged and actions to execute

  • Associate Agents to the Service Queues

  • Create and update Graphical Drag&Drop IVR projects to manage the call flows with Cally Square

  • Create and update lists in the Contacts Manager

  • Create and update outbound campaigns with the Motion Bull Dialer

  • Setup and release Survey models using the intuitive application Jscripty

  • Perform regular software Updates

  • Monitor the agents' productivity using the Realtime View and the Multi-Channel Dashboards, which allow changing the teamwork organization in real-time

  • Customize the Dashboard using the Wallboard Graphics Designer

  • Setup Reports and Analytics for each Channel

  • Setup Triggers to design effective event-driven or automatic behaviours

  • Configure the CTI (for external applications integration)

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