XCALLY Instant

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XCALLY Instant is the XCALLY solution which includes only WhatsApp Connector Channel

Choosing it, you can define the WhatsApp Accounts that the Agents, belonging to specific WhatsApp Queues, will use to receive and reply to WhatsApp messages from XCALLY Motion Omni Desktop Interface. 

The Customer and the Agent can exchange WhatsApp messages, reaping the following benefits:

  • the Customer can use one of the most popular messaging systems

  • the Agent interaction happens inside the XCALLY Motion common environment

  • the Agent can manage several types of interactions at the same time

  • the interaction content is shared, easily retrieved and managed

  • all the Customers information is stored in the Contacts Manager 

This channel is architecturally structured as a Connector and uses a third-party Solution Provider to manage communication with the WhatsApp application according to your license plan:

  • to receive messages from the customer's number

  • to send messages to the customer's number and notify confirmation of receipt and reading

  • to send outbound campaigns with the use of templates approved by Meta (only with Inbound & Outbound plan) or by Kaleyra


Minimum requirement: XCALLY Version 3.30.0
On license, you need to activate Inbound Only Plan or Inbound & Outbound Plan
The Motion instance must have a public address accessible via HTTPS. For security reasons we strongly recommend to use a Reverse Proxy find out more

To install XCALLY Instant you can explore Installation Procedure at this link: https://xcally.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/topic/4f0725a1-706f-47ab-8969-e30ddb4c285c/article/1851654509

In order to consult the documentation, you need to be logged with your Jira Account



On WhatsApp Connector Section you can find:

WhatsApp Campaigns: where you create outbound campaigns, by selecting the approved template to send to a contact list

WhatsApp Templates: where you can configure templates that Meta or Kaleyra has to approve to send outbound campaigns

WhatsApp Queues: where you can configure all the queues dedicated to WhatsApp sessions, which the Agents can belong to

WhatsApp Accounts: where you must insert all the information needed to configure the account to send and receive the messages

WhatsApp Realtime: the monitor realtime board for the WhatsApp activities



WhatsApp providers

You can use WhatsApp Channel to manage inbound interactions and you can connect WhatsApp with Motion in four different ways: Twilio, SINCH V2 via Conversation API, Meta Connector or Kaleyra.
Instead for outbound campaigns you can configure only Meta Connector and Kaleyra.




The standard channel working mechanism needs a Motion API to notify a new incoming WhatsApp message that must be saved in the provider configuration.

The Motion instance must have a public address accessible via HTTPS. For security reasons we strongly recommend to use a Reverse Proxy find out more


When the XCALLY Motion WhatsApp Connector Channel receives a request from that provider, it allows the management of it providing a standard interface (for all types of providers), through which the Agent can manage the WhatsApp interaction on Omnidesktop Interface.


Moreover you can explore WhatsApp Providers Setup, so how to set up predefined providers in order to send and receive WhatsApp messages: