XCALLY Mobile App

The Mobile App is available on Apple Store for iOS, while it is in Beta Test for Android. This documentation is work in progress.
To join the Beta Program for Android you have to contact your sales reference and then follow the guidelines reported below


The new XCALLY Mobile App allows Agents to manage Voice channel for inbound/outbound calls and Motion Bull campaigns directly from the smartphone.
The language of the App corresponds to the one set on the smartphone.
The app allows the agent to receive inbound calls even if app is in background → find out how to



XCALLY App is available on Apple device with iOS system (while for Android devices is in beta test)

You need to create Mobile agents (typology available from version 3.33.0) and they must be enabled on queues and contacts lists to manage

To use App, you must enable on license the option Mobile Client” and have Mobile Agents


You must have iOS minimum from version 13.0

You need to install your own push gateway (with push gateway and stack sip on the same server through docker) by following this guide
For Voice channel, to allow the voice connection, it is necessary to open RTP ports (according to the provider).


Mobile Agent creation

To use Mobile App, it’s necessary to create Mobile agents going on Staff → Agents → +




You need to insert:

  • Full Name of the Agent

  • Username: used to login (only letters, numbers or special characters like ._ are allowed)

  • Alias: an alternative name for the Agent, which can be used to hide the real agent login name (e.g. in canned answer, email template, chat and so on)

  • Typology Mobile

  • Email: the Agent email address. This field is used to receive a link to reset the password anytime the agent forgets it 

  • Password: insert here the password

  • By default, an Internal number (Extension) is automatically generated. You can manually specify the internal number you want to assign to the agent by editing his/her profile.

  • Description (not mandatory)

  • Optionally, you can enable Voicemail to automatically create a voicemail box for the agent.

  • Finally, click on ADD AGENT

Then you can edit the agent account if you need: https://xcally.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/XM/pages/1940161571/V3+Agents#Edit%2FModify-an-Agent

The created agent must be added to specific queues by clicking on channel button → voice button:


You can select one or more queues and if you want you can indicate an agent penalty to specific queues

Moreover, it’s necessary to enable agents to contacts viewSee how to add an agent to a specific contact list

Download for iOS

Agent can easily download and install the XCALLY App Mobile on Apple device, following this procedure:

1. You can search XCALLY on Apple Store and click
on View


2. Install the app


3. Open the app


4. On your smartphone, you can click on App icon
to launch it

5. When a new version is available, by entering in APple Store you can update the XCALLY App


Download for Android

Agent can easily download and install the XCALLY App Mobile on Android device, following this procedure:



  1. Sending us your email, then you can open this link we’ll provide you a link that you can open and you will see that you are part of internal test program

  2. You have to click on download it on Google Play

  3. You can download the app and open it



By clicking on the agent can login

In the text field Domain/IP insert the name of XCALLY server. If the name of the Domain is not available, it is possible to insert the IP address

Then, agent has to insert username, not the email, and password. If you have lost, or you cannot remember your password, just click on Forgot Password to recover it

Insert your email in the specific text field and complete the password restoring process

How does it work?

User Profile

By clicking on this icon the agent can enter the section relative to personal profile

From this interface it is possible to view Assigned Services, Privacy Policy and Logout.
If the agent wants to set a pause status can click on:

  • This button to start a default pause

  • This button to choose a custom pause (see screen below)

On Assigned services interface, Agent can see the list of queues to which he/she is assigned

By clicking the button you can customize your pause,
for example, selecting VIDEO TERMINAL, TEAM MEETING and so on.

Internal messaging

Clicking on the agent can open the internal messaging section to chat with other agents/users connected to XCALLY

Selecting a contact, agent can manage the conversation


By clicking on Interactions section, the agent can select on top of the page the different types of calls:

  • Internal, calls handled by internal routes, so calls received from the agent on internal route (not calling directly the internal number)

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Dialer (at the moment preview campaign are not supported)

Below there is the list of managed calls with the relative info, such as Contact Name/Number, Start date, End date and time.

By clicking on a specific interaction it is possible to see details about it


By clicking on Contacts section, it is possible to view the different contacts, belonging to the relative List, for which agent is enabled.

It’s also possible to filter by list, clicking on and select a specific list to view the relative contacts:


By choosing a contact, the agent can see the details.
By clicking on EDIT CONTACT, it is possible to modify them

In this way agent can edit first and last name, landline, mobile and E-mail and click on Save

While in Costumer Journey tab, it’s possible to see all touchpoints had on the different channels (calls, chat, emails and so on)


By selecting Activities icon, agent can manage the phone calls

When there is a new incoming call, the agent can:

  1. Mute the call

  2. Put the speakerphone

  3. Open the internal messenger

  4. Transfer the call (see below how to)

  5. Pause the call

  6. Start a call recording

To transfer a call, the agent can click the highlighted button

And select Start new conversation (to begin an attended transfer, so to notify the other agent), or Direct transfer (to begin a blind transfer, as you can see in the screen on the right)

When selecting Direct transfer, the other agent directly receives the incoming call

It is possible to digit the number also from the keyboard, by clicking on the number space and keyboard appears

And you can also use copy and paste functions in that field



If you need assistance using App, you can open a ticket at this link