XCALLY Changelog

The Motion versioning follows the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

Remember to Hard Refresh and clear Application Data in your browser after the update

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Version 3.36.1

Jun 14, 2024


[XM-2834][XS-11594] Update on pauses, to ensure proper functioning

[XM-2836][XS-11582] Update on Settings → General, giving the opportunity to admin to access the section on GUI correctly, even if the transcribeAccountId is not set in settings table

Version 3.36.0

Jun 12, 2024


[XM-2612] Update on Triggers section, showing Voicebot option if AI license is enabled

[XM-2643][XS-11283][XS-11400] Update on team’s penalty: by assigning a penalty to a team (added to a queue) penalty is saved correctly, so ensuring that calls are routed to queues according to the assigned penalties

[XM-2646] Update on creation of Mobile Agent: Mobile Push Gateway field has to be configured during the agent creation and the field cannot result as empty → V3 Agents | Mobile Agents

[XM-2651] Update on Agent Profiles feature, visible for admin and for users with relative permissions. On Voice Queue section, from the label and modal “Add Agent to Profiles” it is possible to edit the agent profiles assignment. Moreover, some checks were made, to correctly show the name of the agent profile search, and using filters, the system filters for exactly what you type by highlighting only the characters you enter

[XM-2653][XM-2658] Update on Internal Messenger, showing messages sorted from newest to oldest. Also, the agent who writes the message should appear at the top as the first agent and the sender name of the message has to be the one displayed on the interface

[XM-2655][XS-11300] Update on internal note: if the admin decides to add a note, the interaction has to be always assigned to the relative agent (who must be able to view the interaction and the note entered by the admin)

[XM-2657][XS-11306] Update on Quality Analysis section (on Settings → General). If you select an OpenAI account for transcribe, AWS language and bucket are not mandatory fields. At the same time, if Sentiment Analysis and post-call analytics are disabled, AWS language and bucket are no longer needed. To view AWS section it is necessary to enable at least one of AI features with AWS as a cloud provider, by selecting an AWS account and a region → https://xcally.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/XM/pages/1940188166/V3+General#Quality-Analysis

[XM-2684][XS-11304] Adding two new columns to the voice_voicemail_messages table:

  • createdAt, so the timestamp when the record is first inserted in the Voicemail

  • updatedAt: timestamp of the last time the record is updated
    (stamp column on the same table was deprecated, as it could cause the wrong timestamp to be saved)

[XM-2735][XM-2790][XS-11432][XS-11514][XS-11563] Update on date filter, which could not show correct data. On each channel and call sections (scheduled, abandoned, trasfert…) by applying filter (preset filters or by entering a specific range of dates), it is possible to view the correct filtered records

[XM-2782][XS-11508] Fixed a bug that did not allow changing the language (except Italian or English): it is now possible to correctly change the language on the GUI

[XM-2784][XS-11511] The search field “Body+Subject” has been restored on advanced search of Email channel → https://xcally.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/XM/pages/1940168147/V3+Email+Accounts#Interactions

[XM-2789][XS-11506] Update on Canned answers, which were not shown on SMS and Open Channel in some cases. With this fix, canned answers are visible properly to the agents

[XM-2812] The Agent Profiles descriptions (when selecting Add Agent To Profile) have been restored on modals



[XM-1819] Replaced 'Status' action with 'core show channel' because Asterisk's status action had this [bug]: Crash when calling the AMI 'Status' action which could cause randomly Asterisk crash with segfault

[XM-2098] Saving in local storage of filters applied in Calls and Queues Inspectors, which then remain set even when changing sections (until you decide to reset them)

[XM-2331][XM-2332] Implementation of a block in Cally Square to create Voicebots via ChatGPT (the new block ChatGPT is available in Bot section) → https://xcally.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/XM/pages/2449014785/Bots#%E2%97%BE-OpenAI-ChatGPT

[XM-2367][XM-2742] Implementation of AWS Categories (based on rules) to apply to Call Analytics transcripts. User can view a graphical interface in the detail of the post-call by using the data that AWS provides as a result of Post-Call Analytics →

[XM-2477] Adding the possibility to filter interactions by “untagged” (so interactions without inserted tags) both admin-side and agent-side →

[XM-2553] Adding TLS transport and encryption setting for Phonebar agents →

[XM-2620][XM-2678] Implementation of a further level of pause, by configuring Pause Reasons: agents can pass in pause status by selecting a specific created pause from the three dots menu . It is now possible to generate and associate Pause Reasons, which agent can select →

Advanced Release Notes - New database columns:

  • id

  • name

  • description

  • createdAt

  • updatedAt

[XM-2621] Implementation of section Tools/OpenAI Bots to configure voicebot and other channel bots with ChatGPT. This section is visible only according to the AI license →

[XM-2626] Interaction’s header in API Channel Message only changes if agent replies the interaction, while it remains the same if the message is sent by user or admin, to prevent routing errors

[XM-2670] Management of unpause status on single channel for webRTC agent. When agent passes to pause status can return to operation (unpause) also only a specific channel →

[XM-2675] Implementation of OpenAI Bot choice as field in ChatGPT block in action flow for Chat, SMS, Open Channel and WhatsApp Channels →

[XM-2679][XS-10930] Improvement of chat loading times, by minifying CSS to optimize chat resources

[XM-2683][XS-11337] Implementation of Estonian translation on XCALLY GUI

Version 3.35.1

Jun 4, 2024


[XM-2734][XS-11419] Fixed issue with the visibility of the Voice Recordings section related to User Profile permissions: with this fix, the Users can see the table of the Voice Recordings based on associated permissions →

[XM-2754][XS-11170] Fixed issue with Booked Progressive dialing, failing to generate calls when agents were in pause status and there was a significant number of recall me contacts that had been rescheduled. With this fix, even when some agents are paused, the system keeps generating calls and queue calls for online agents, ensuring timely follow-ups and smooth workflow

[XM-2761][XS-11395] During IMAP email downloads, a new control has been introduced for email attachments that are no longer available on the mail server. This specific and uncommon scenario could potentially cause the "email" service to crash.

Version 3.35.0

May 22, 2024


[XM-2264] Fixed issue with HTML code, viewable in sent recontact template. With this fix, the template editor works properly (removing any specific markup)

[XM-2381][XS-10990] Fixed issue with Zendesk integration: when testing the integration, if test returns error 401 (unauthorized), the Motion client was logged out. With this fix, if the connection test to Zendesk returns error 401, the Motion client views a toast error due to non-permission (and not logged out anymore)

[XM-2396] Fixed issue with Queue Groups in user profile permissions not working: User could edit or delete a queue group even if he had not the relative permissions and association with certain queue groups did not work. With this fix, the permissions on queue group and association relative to the User Profile work correctly

[XM-2501][XS-10932] Fixed issue with filter date: if an agent set the filter on today, when he logged in the day after, the date range was wrong (not considering today anymore). With this fix, setting today as filter, the day after the agent can see the same filter, set on the current day

[XM-2517][XS-10981] Fixed issue with WebRTC booked pause: if the booked pause was interrupted, the agent’s timer disappeared, while the admin’s timer kept going, substituting the one relative to talk time. With this fix, when the Agent books a pause, the talk timer does not reset and a new specific timer for booked pause has been added in mug icon tooltip

[XM-2525][XS-10989] Fixed issue with interaction message, cancelled when executing the hard delete of the agent who managed the conversation. When an agent is deleted, with hard delete, all his/her interactions messages are not canceled

[XM-2555][XS-11091] Fixed issue with interval selection in Chat Website configuration: not all the intervals created were available, because the no-limit parameter was not in the API request. With this fix, all the uploaded intervals are displayed, across all channels

[XM-2574] Fixed issue with Plugins section, not opening with New Experience. With this fix, Admin/User can access the installed Plugins (for now with a redirect to the Old Client Experience)

[XM-2584][XS-11146] Fixed issue with Canned Answers, displayed outside the text field and beyond the web page. With this fix, the Canned Answer with a long paragraph is correctly displayed in the textarea

[XM-2595] Fixed issue with WhatsApp interactions: if you sent a Meta campaign associating the list with the contact with prefix (e.g. +39), if the customer answers, the response was not included in the same interaction, but the system created a new one associated to number with + (if instead the starting contact was without the +, this problem did not occur. With this fix, the interactions relative to the same number, regardless of the presence of the prefix with +, are recognised as unique

[XM-2601][XS-11179] Fixed issue with error message when trying to filter Open Channel interactions by “Not Assigned”. With this fix, when the interactions are filtered by “Not Assigned” the API error message does not appear anymore

[XM-2604][XS-10849] Fixed issue with searching interaction via Advanced Search taking long time and preventing the possibility of stopping the search and doing any other action over the interface. With this fix, the new variable XC_INTERACTION_ADVANCED_SEARCH_TIMEOUT has been added to the file .env to configure the maximum number of milliseconds assigned to each Advanced Search (the minimum value is 1000 ms and the default one is 15000 ms)

[XM-2606] Fixed issue with AppZone section: when AppZone was disabled from the license and you tried to click on a plugin, XCALLY sent back to Dashboard. With this fix, when AppZone license is disabled, AppZone and Plugins section are hidden from the Sidebar

[XM-2613] Fixed issue with file download from the Extracted Report section if inserting special characters, such as spaces and alphanumerics as name of scheduler. With this fix, the title of the scheduled report can admit special characters and spaces. Moreover if entered characters are not allowed, the system must indicate which characters are permitted

[XM-2627] Fixed issue with email messages non-viewable from a specific account. With this fix, if the Agent sends an email using the HTML template provided by the Customer, the email, and its content, are correctly shown

[XM-2648][XS-11135] Fixed issue with excessive memory consumption: a memory leak related to environment variable XC_MONITOR_ENABLED (which if enabled verifies that the DB is always active) has been fixed

[XM-2669][XS-11293] Fixed issue with call direction trigger not working: with condition Call Direction: Inbound , when the call was sent to a queue with Join When Empty=yesand no agent available in the queue, the trigger did not start (and launched only at the call hung up). With this fix, the trigger is invoked at the beginning and at the end of the call

[XM-2685][XS-11313] Fixed issue with Queue Campaign with Agent Team assigned: if the Campaign was started, and the Team was removed from it, Agents were still called until they logged out. With this fix, if Agents are removed from a Campaign, they don’t receive calls on that queue anymore

[XM-2690][XS-11215][XS-11327] Fixed issue with SAML SSO login: a toasty message appeared saying that the connection was already active and to logout and login to resume it on the current tab (but at login the toasty reappeared preventing the user from logging in via SAML SSO). With this fix (with variable XC_ASTERISK_ONLY_ONE_CONN=true), if you follow toasty's advice, you will connect to Asterisk correctly on tab you want to use

[XM-2695] Fixed issue with the limit of Mobile Agents: it is possible to create as many Mobile Agents as reported in the license and if this number is reached admin/user can not create other agents of mobile typology


[XM-2123] Removal of Desk accounts from the database (by considering deletion of desk integration from front end starting from 3.29.0)

[XM-2155][XS-10527] Integration of Quality Analysis on New Experience, to use transcript, sentiment analysis and post call analytics on voice recordings →

Advanced Release Notes - Environment variables on .env file:


timings redis port | XC_QA_REDIS_PORT=6380

timings redis db | XC_QA_REDIS_DB=0

timings redis username | XC_QA_REDIS_USERNAME=

timings redis password | XC_QA_REDIS_PASSWORD=



  • transcription_post_call_analytics

  • transcription_items

  • transcription

The columns in these tables have been moved to transcription_jobs

[XM-2382][XS-10558] Improvement on GoToIf block to avoid excessive iteration loops in write into routing-combined.log: in a routing loop, the logs stop after 1000 rows, to avoid CPU and HD overcharge

Advanced Release Notes - Environment variables on .env file:






maximum number of automated messages that Motion can send in response to a single user message.


maximum number of iterations in the routing service that can be performed following a message from a user

[XM-2476][XS-10859] Addition of Latvian and Estonian languages for DialogflowV2. The updated modules are Cally Square, while the Actions of dialplan has been updated on Chat, OpenChannel, SMS and WhatsApp Connector

[XM-2482] Addition of application SIPAddHeader when creating an inbound/outbound/internal Route with arguments X-Uniqueid: ${UNIQUEID}

[XM-2495] Update of ChatGPT action block: OpenAI Assistant [in BETA version] is now supported. You can use OpenAI assistant defined in OpenAI console or in XCALLY AI Prompts Assistants. (only files supported, functions and code interpreter not available yet) →

[XM-2507][XS-10914] Implementation in Motion Bull Campaigns: it is now possible to insert symbols, letters and numbers in the prefix of a queue campaign →

[XM-2512][XM-2691][XS-10925] Improvement in global canned answers creation: to avoid the appearance of a double interline when using HTML code, it is now possible, on channels that support HTML (as email), to select as format type HTML to view the global canned answer with the correct format. While the channels which do not support HTML format (SMS, WhatsApp, Openchannel, Chat), can use only the text type →

[XM-2531] Implementation in receiving messages containing a geographic location in SinchV2 and Twilio providers →

[XM-2551] Update of AI Assistants Flag on license management: in page /settings/license there is the new section AI under the section Add-ons. Moreover, in AI section there are flags A.I. Tools, Assistants and Quality Analysis

[XM-2552] Implementation of hidden X-Queue header when adding Queue application to route (application: SIPAddHeader arguments: X-Queue: QUEUENAME ). If queue is updated, also the value of the header will be updated, if queue is deleted, also the application SIPAddHeader will be deleted

[XM-2587] Implementation of a check for Mobile Agents on License: the maximum number of mobile agents created must not exceed the number expressed in the License (check on agent’s creation and editing)

[XM-2598] Update of APIs /whatsapp/messages/{id}/accept and /whatsapp/messages/{id}/reject which have been moved from WhatsApp Account to WhatsApp Messages

[XM-2608] Implementation of statistics about login profile: upon login, if profile data are present they are saved in the report_member table in the data3 and data4 fields (information saved on all channels). Upon profile change, the exitAt fields of existing reports are edited, and new records are created in report_member, similar to those created at login, with the new profile data →

[XM-2630][XS-11220] Implementation of date format EEE MMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss (e.g. Mon May 20 2024 08:16:12) for reports

[XM-2642][XS-11088] Update on Voice Recordings visualisation: user can view voice recordings of associated queues, but it is not necessary anymore to enable also permissions on agents

[XM-2676] Update of Kaleyra templates, which allow to insert variables in the header →

Version 3.34.1

May 8, 2024

[XM-2599][XS-11172] Fixed issue with disposition on attended transfer calls: when you transfered a call, it was not possible to insert disposition until the agent managing the transferred call did not end it. With this fix if Agent1 makes an attended transfer to Agent2, he can dispose the call also with the conversation still in progress for Agent2

Version 3.34.0

May 2, 2024


[XM-160] Fixed issue with SMS message written on the text field that got canceled when sending an attachment. With this fix, when you open a sms interaction with the attachment there must be visible with contact and text. In case of not supported format, a warning message must appear

[XM-1940] Fixed issue with Meta that set status of pending delete when on Motion a Template was deleted. With this fix if you delete a template, its status remains deleted

[XM-2233] Fixed issue with WhatsApp messages, entering also if the agent was on pause status. With this fix, when the agent is in pause status can not receive notifications

[XM-2234][XS-10351] Fixed issue with transferred WhatsApp interaction, appearing as “Transfer completed” even if the agent rejected the interaction. With this fix, if an agent transfers an interaction to another agent, the message “Transfer request forwarded” will appear

[XM-2259] Fixed issue with add profile feature, that showed a confirmation message when you tried to add an agent profile even if it did not exist. With this fix, if the profile does not exist, the modal will not close and the confirmation message will appear only after profile selection

[XM-2261][XS-10415][XS-10625][XS-10627] Fixed issue with Custom Dashboards not updated, while with this fix the shown data are correct

[XM-2265][XS-10444] Fixed issue with API: using it to close openchannel interactions, queue routing did not stop and the agent kept receiving the interaction popup. With this fix, when the API is launched, the popup is not more shown

[XM-2270][XS-10464] Fixed issue with WhatsApp transfer on queue, not showing transfer popup on the second agent (belonging to the other selected queue). With this fix, if Agent1 (on Queue1) wants to transfer interaction to Agent2 (on Queue2), Agent2 can receive the transfer notification correctly and he can decide to accept or reject the interaction

[XM-2288][XS-10487][XS-10571][XS-11037] Fixed issue with WhatsApp voice recordings: if an agent sent a voice message, the customer saw the API request and not the message. With this fix, the recording is received correctly as an audio file

[XM-2292] Fixed issue with AWS or OpenAI cloud provider, where an error API 500 was shown when trying to delete them. With this fix, the AWS or OpenAI account can be deleted properly even if the cloud provider has been used to launch AI tools on voice recordings

[XM-2296][XS-10520] Fixed issue with global filter, not working properly on email channel: the filter could not find the correct word in a context. With this fix, the filter can correctly find the searched word in the global search

[XM-2334][XS-10471] Fixed issue with error message (API 404) during Hopper rescheduling of one or more contacts if Admin did not refresh and the message was shown when all the retry attempts were finished. With this fix, if Admin clicks on a Hopper call already managed by an Agent (before refreshing) a proper error message will appear with the reason of the issue

[XM-2359][XS-10484] Fixed issue with WhatsApp recontact template did not appear after timeout expiration. With this fix, after 24 hours from the last message of the interaction, an icon indicating the option "send recontact template" will appear correctly (only available for Meta account). If there is not a configured recontact template, by clicking on the icon a warning message about that appears → documentation coming soon

[XM-2431][XS-10569] Fixed issue with email interaction search, not working correctly (showing wrong startedAt and endedAt records). With this fix, if admins or agents filter for startedAt it is possible to view interactions related to date set range

[XM-2435][XS-10635] Fixed issue with error message sending a fax, which displayed the warning “you reached the maximum amount of chips” when the agent typed the number. With this fix, in this case the error message will be “you reached the maximum number available

[XM-2486][XS-10900] Fixed issue with RTL formatting in exported interactions. With this fix by downloading an interaction with messages in arabic, the written in pdf is correct

[XM-2511][XS-10943] Fixed issue with button click to call viewable in the GUI of Agents logged as External typology, even if this feature is available only for WebRTC e Phonebar. With this fix, the button click to call has been hidden in the GUI of the External Agent

[XM-2527][XS-10979] Fixed issue with Booked Progressive or Preview campaigns not tracked in the report_member DB table. With this fix, the managed calls from Booked Progressive or Preview campaigns are correctly reported in the DB

[XM-2539] Fixed issue with the wrong Italian translation for the “Waiting interactions” section in the General Dashboard. With this fix, the translation has been corrected

[XM-2557][XS-10985] Fixed issue with error unsupported_grant_type when connecting to Salesforce account using sandbox environments. With this fix, it is possible to login to the Salesforce account without receiving the error

[XM-2573][XS-11130] Fixed issue with Call Group field, not viewable on Realtime/Agents section. With this fix, by launching API, response show call group field correctly

[XM-2588] Fixed issue with Skebby authentication to retrieve the user_key and session_key, not correct. With this fix, the Outbound Skebby messaging works properly and login API runs correctly

[XM-2594] Fixed issue with value of template_id column remaining empty even if the template was correctly sent through Campaign or manually by an agent. With this fix, the value of the template_id column is correctly filled in so it is possible to understand what message the customer is responding to

[XM-2596][XS-10889] Fixed issue with incorrect talktime duration in report_member, because on table some rows of TALKING type were saved with exitAt = NULL. With this fix, a check has been added so before writing the row to the database, exitAt and duration are updated in case of exitAt=NULL

[XM-2603][XS-11183] Fixed issue with sending a whatsapp message from contact manager tab (by clicking on WhatsApp icon). With this fix, it is possible to send messages and templates using Meta and Kaleyra accounts

[XM-2611] Fixed issue with WhatsApp interactions: there were no values for User and Last Message if the agent sent a template manually or on interactions initiated via campaign. With this fix values are correctly filled in

[XM-2614][XS-11204] Fixed issue with Realtime API responding with all logged agents (not regarding the queue). With this fix, the API considers the queueFilter



[XM-1660] The new column “context” has been added in Voice → Routes section (for inbound, internal, external routes) →

[XM-1745] Adding Add List option from the three dots icon menu in WhatsApp → WhatsApp Outbound Campaigns section →

[XM-1961] Adding the button Reset List, in the WhatsApp Campaign Edit page, which allows to run the reset of the Hopper →

[XM-2074][XS-10387] Adding APIKEY management via HTTP header X-API-Key {{Apikey}} and documentation about the use of this type of authentication is reported on swagger-ui → https://YOUR MOTION IP ADDRESS/swagger-ui

[XM-2107] Improvement Agent view: Phone and Mobile columns have been removed, while Disabled, Locked e Client Logs columns have been merged into a single column named “Info”. This column will show three different icons and depending on the status the icon colour will be different (showing also a tooltip on various icons) →

[XM-2166][XS-9171] Implementation of Jscripty trigger, to make Jscripty mandatory at the end of a call, by activating the button “disable manual tab closure” →

[XM-2240] Adding Kaleyra as provider to create templates and Outbound Campaigns on WhatsApp Connector →

[XM-2342] Implementation of AI Prompts section, with Training Files list page. For this option, some environment variables has been added →

[XM-2376] Implementation of ChatGPT block on SMS Action flow →

[XM-2475][XS-11126] Adding check on license for Appzone and Plugins sections, viewable only if Appzone is enabled on license (on /settings/license) you can see Appzone icon under Other →

[XM-2510] Implementation of the new setting Escape Prompt in ChatGPT blocks: this feature is a System message sent to ChatGPT to recognize when the chat with the bot should be interrupted →

[XM-2513][XS-10958] Implementation of custom fields' column name when a list of contacts is exported in .csv format: if in the report there are columns related to custom fields, the relative column contains the alias of the Custom Field

[XM-2524] Implementation of Assistants in AI Prompts section, with a tab in the Edit page to associate the assistant to one or more files uploaded. So on this tab it is possible to view all files associated to Assistant →

[XM-2586] Adding Mobile Agents counter on /settings/license page under Staff section. Moreover on section AI, Quality Analysis flag has been added →

[XM-2624] Adding permissions management via User Profiles for Users using the new feature Agent Assistant (AI prompts) →

Version 3.33.1

Apr 12, 2024


[XM-2558] Fixed issue with error message when creating an Agent profile. With this fix, the agent profile is correctly created

[XM-2560] Fixed issue with WhatsApp accounts associated to an agent not viewable (except Meta accounts). With this fix, it is possible to see all the WhatsApp accounts associated to an agent.
Moreover a toast warning has been added on + button to create a new outbound interaction, warning if the selected account does not allow outbound messaging


[XM-2556] Update of WhatsApp campaigns and templates sections on the New Experience: it is now possible to correctly view these two sections also while you navigate in a page on New Experience interface

Version 3.33.0

Apr 10, 2024


[XM-483][XS-8748][XS-5999][XS-8172][XS-8612][XS-10861] Fixed issue with the creation of dispositions: by creating two dispositions of second level with the same name, but related to different first level dispositions, an error message was reported. With this fix, the name_voice index has been changed from name-listId to name-listId-ParentId: in this way dispositions having same names but different parent can be created correctly. Consider that the GUI has not changed, so it is now possible to have multiple dispositions with the same name, so it is recommended to choose meaningful descriptions to avoid confusion

[XM-1357][XS-9102] Fixed issue with weird characters substituting icons when refreshing the general user interface of the WebRTC. With this fix, icons remain unchanged after refreshing

[XM-1471] Fixed issue with timezone not applied to the table record in Inspector feature. With this fix, the timezones and dates are shown with the format selected by the user (or in the general options if not specified)

[XM-1830] Fixed issue with Enable buttons option appearing with a different color: with this fix the button is the same as the others (grey if disabled, blue sky if enabled)

[XM-2118][XS-10247] Fixed issue with Chat Group, showing up to 250 agents, while other agents could not be added to the group (only manually from the database). With this fix, the number of selectable agents corresponds to the one on the database and all agents can be added correctly to the desired chat group

[XM-2244][XS-8148] Fixed issue with API call for third-party message not called and if the agents closed the interaction, this remained in unread messages (even if they received it). With this fix, API are called correctly and the interaction no longer appears with unread messages

[XM-2254] Fixed issue with reaching specific id paths, even if the relative channel is not enabled on license. With this fix, no type of path regarding the disabled channel can be displayed

[XM-2257][XS-10646][XS-10717] Fixed issue with customer service window: whenever you add a new internal note, the interaction got closed automatically and remained impossible to reopen until the customer sent a new message. With this fix, by inserting a new note, the customer service window remains open correctly until its expiration

[XM-2299][XS-10487][XS-10669][XS-11037][XS-10923] Fixed issue with wrong visualization of vocal messages sent by the customer to the user: these messages are displayed as multiple even if the customer sent only a single vocal message. With this fix the the number of sent vocal messages is correctly displayed in the interaction

[XM-2357][XS-10484][XS-10902][XS-10923] Fixed issue with WhatsApp Outbound interactions not working properly: outbound messages cannot be sent, the interaction resulted immediately closed and also sending a recontact template an error message appeared. With this fix the Outbound Interactions are sent correctly

[XM-2392][XS-10603] Fixed issue with login with ActiveDirectory: an unknown authorization error appeared and agent could enter correctly only clicking on login the second time. With this fix, the agent can correctly login with ActiveDirectory

[XM-2407][XS-11057] Fixed issue with MB limit for App Zone Plugins: with this fix, the limit takes into account the one inserted in settings/global/maxattachmentsize (however not exceeding the maximum limit of 25MB)

[XM-2423] Fixed issue with user profile associated to a user impossible to eliminate. With this fix, the user profile can be deleted properly if necessary

[XM-2438][XS-10766] Fixed issue with auto-logout not working correctly: when the agents' timeout expired, they were logged into the GUI with status shown as IDLE. With this fix, the agents will disappear from realtime/dashboard after disconnection timeout expiration

[XM-2453][XS-10694] Fixed issue with e-mail answer not working: if XCALLY email account was in Bcc, answer from the interaction did not work (recipient appeared only with an "x" and an API error 500 appeared to the costumer). With this fix, the error message does not appear anymore and the XCALLY email account is inserted correctly

[XM-2494][XS-10908] Fixed issue with WhatsApp prefix settings: it was impossible to insert a prefix longer than three digits (including + character) in settings of WhatsApp Accounts. With this fix, the problem has been solved

[XM-2504] Fixed issue with minimum duration in SendDTMF Schema: API gave an error on duration if it was <100. With this fix calling the api /api/webbar/send-dtmf, the error does not appear, because min duration has been changed in 0

[XM-2514][XS-10983][XS-10969][XS-11017] Fixed issue with component ms-dual-multiselect, not viewing correctly all the items with the last Google Chrome update (e.g. for the voice queues visualisation assigned to agents). With this fix, the interface displays correctly the items also on Chrome

[XM-2523][XS-11001] Fixed issue with wrong confirmation message when restoring a delete member. With this fix, the confirmation message is correctly displayed

[XM-2533] Fixed issue with debug message DebugSocketsByUser sent to socket. With this fix, this type of message is not received to improve call center performance

[XM-2549] Fixed issue with voice channel: when a call arrived, API channel did not saved call values. With this fix when agent answers to call, API channels return values correctly



[XM-1455] Update of export function in Inspector pages: by creating a report from Inspector section, you can find it in Analytics → Reports → Motion Reports. Doing a Motion restart, reports created by Inspectors will not be displayed anymore →

[XM-1596] Improvement of WhatsApp Campaigns: when you create a new WhatsApp Campaign, it is now possible to view a preview of the selected template →

[XM-1957] Implementation of Whatsapp Campaigns: by default all the campaigns are shown and a filter has been added to choose the account →

[XM-1958] Improvement of Edit action of WhatsApp templates: now on the single tab Settings, you can see template settings (Header, Content, Footer, Button with relative preview) and specific mapping in every area with relative variables →

[XM-1962] Update of WhatsApp Templates: by choosing the option Preview Template you can see a modal with the relative preview →

[XM-2070] Implementation of a new filter in Voice Queues section: by opening Voice → Realtime → Queue Calls, it is now possible to filter by Alias, Phone Number/Extension and Queues →

[XM-2294][XM-2374] Implementation of ChatGPT block on OpenChannel Action flow →

[XM-2312][XS-10550] Update of voice channel trigger, with condition Outbound Route: it is now possible to set as outbound route the associated context →

[XM-2355] Update of New Client navigation menu in order to reflect the changes already present in the old interface: e.g. Cloud Providers section has been moved under Tools

[XM-2375] Implementation of ChatGPT block on WhatsApp Action flow →

[XM-2408] Implementation of a new column “Mobile Push Gateway” and new agent type “Mobile”, for agents which will login using the Mobile App →

[XM-2410] Improvement on WhatsApp with Meta Connector: agents are now allowed to send a template to a single contact, choosing only from templates that the admin has granted for use by agents

[XM-2425] Implementation of download attachments in WhatsApp interactions both from admin side and from interactions menu agent side →

[XM-2484][XS-10888] Swagger API documentation has been updated → https://YOUR MOTION IP ADDRESS/swagger-ui

[XM-2500][XS-10525] Implementation of Drag and Drop feature for attachments in emails →

Version 3.32.0

Mar 21, 2024


[XM-2232] Fixed issue with failed restart of installed plugins when Motion is restarted. With this fix, plugins are automatically reactivated if Motion is restarted

[XM-2278][XS-10474] Fixed issue with a restored contact in queue campaigns displayed as “restored” in the History but not added to the Hopper. With this fix, restored contacts are all automatically added into the Hopper

[XM-2360][XS-10542] Fixed issue with contact elimination not blocked when a WhatsApp interaction was still open. With this fix, if admin/user tries to delete a contact, during an ongoing conversation, a warning to block that operation will appear →

[XM-2363][XS-10580] Fixed issue with toast error, appearing when user clicked on “Forgot password” using an email not registered in Motion. With this fix, when the email address is inserted, a success toast appears even if the email is not present in Motion

[XM-2394][XS-10642][XS-10799] Fixed issue with sorting abandoned calls with WebRTC: in date column the sorting did not work properly if you selected ascending/descending order. With this fix, the sorting column displays the results correctly

[XM-2398][XS-10670][XS-10672] Fixed issue with custom avatar for both Phonebar and WebRTC agent types not visible in Admin → Voice → Realtime. With this fix, the Phonebar and WerbRTC agents can see the avatar in the agent list and in Realtime section

[XM-2400][XS-10662] Fixed issue with agent assignment to teams: by creating two teams and adding them to a queue, if you tried to associate the same agent to both teams, an error appeared. With this fix the agent can correctly add to multiple teams contemporary

[XM-2405][XS-10678] Fixed issue with blank email interactions, if you inserted HTML in body section. With this fix if an agent sends an email with HTML in template, the interaction must contain the email content

[XM-2414][XS-10690] Fixed issue with contact search, not working properly if the contact is formed by two surnames: searching for the contact only with first name and second last name, the contact could not be found (unless <"a> is placed before). With this fix, by searching the contact with either the first or the second surname, or both at the same time, this contact can be found correctly

[XM-2419] Fixed issue with unavailability of access to Voice Recordings section with fresh installation. The problem occurred because the commentNote column of voice_recordings table was missing in installation script, now solved

[XM-2426][XS-10107][XS-10681] Fixed issue with error in Dial plan and History Record in the Hopper, when an agentcomplete did not arrive or if the hungup arrived earlier. With this fix, CampaignId has changed in VoiceQueueId

[XM-2434][XS-10756] Fixed issue with wrong edit after search in outbound/inbound route actions. With this fix the editing of application and interval has been solved, so it is possible to edit a route, by saving the changes correctly

[XM-2437][XS-10743] Fixed issue with waiting queue calls tab visible on agent dashboard, not corresponding to the amount of actual calls. With this fix, the number of calls indicated in the notification number, on the top right, matches with the number of agent-associated calls

[XM-2460][XS-10793] Fixed issue with API error on WhatsApp and Email channels: if two agents were associated to the same queue with RRMemory strategy, interaction popup arrived to both agents and if they accepted it at the same time, the error occured. With this fix, with RRMemory the popup notification does not appear at the same time to both agents and accepting or rejecting the interaction the API error does not come up anymore

[XM-2461][XS-10695] Fixed issue with missing calls in the WebRTC bar: agents could hear the caller on the line, and the contact manager poped up, but the call was not available in the WebRTC bar, meaning that the agent could not transfer the caller. With this fix, the agent can see the call on the bar and he/she can transfer it correctly if necessary

[XM-2479][XS-10874] Fixed issue with Agent GUI and Admin GUI “Presence” descrepancy: with this fix when agent opens Agent Presence, he/she can view the list of all existed agents and apply filters for Queues, Teams or Status correctly


[XM-1949][XS-10460] Update of DIALSTATUS management after Dial application →

[XM-2008][XS-10101] Improvement of the WebRTC agent interface: in the audio settings, a button to associate a Jabra device has been added. Once the device is connected, it is possible to accept an incoming call, mute the microphone, pause and end the call using the headphones buttons →

[XM-2220] Improvement of OpenAI whisper block in Cally Square project (ASR section): it is now possible to use the automatic language detection capabilities of OpenAI whisper for transcription. Moreover the Asterisk variable OPENAI_WHISPER_TRANSCRIPT_LANGUAGE has been added to design the call flow by using the language detected →

[XM-2268] Update of secure socket mode: socket works only through the token authentification →

[XM-2277][XM-2373] Addition of ChatBot Website Actions: the ChatGPT block enables ChatGPT to help users, with fallback to human operator →

[XM-2388] Implementation of Email account transfer: with this feature it is possible to transfer an email interaction to an other account →

[XM-2390] Update of OpenAI library on Motion V3 to the last available version to use OpenAI on Voice Recording transcription and Cally Square

[XM-2404][XS-9261] Implementation of Agent Presence section, showing agents' pause type →

Version 3.31.1

Mar 12, 2024


[XM-892][XM-1842][XM-2440][XS-8878]XS-10215] Fixed issue with socket which did not update Realtime section. With this fix Queues Realtime should update automatically upon removal and addition of an agent with all channels.
Moreover if you change permissions related to a user profile, page reload must occur for users connected to that User Profile. Finally only chat group participants receive socket events related to that chat group

[XM-1769][XS-6113][XS-10181][XS-10769] Fixed issue with API 404 error when the agent had to dispose a call that was either transferred to another agent/queue (disposition was correctly saved only when the agent waited the end of the call). With this fix, regarding only blind transfers, the disposition is properly saved when the agent transfers a call even if it is not finished

[XM-2114][XS-10215] Fixed issue with multiple emails offered to the same agent at the same time even if the capacity is set to 1. With this fix, if the capacity is set to a certain number, the agent does not receive more than that number of interactions

[XM-2290][XS-10516][XS-10547] Fixed issue with Openchannel/Mail interactions exceeding maximum capacity and multiple popups. With this fix, only one interaction at the time is accepted, generating just one popup, according to the capacity of the agent

[XM-2389][XS-10593][XS-10599][XS-10659][XS-10680] Fixed issue with disposition not written in report_call table after transfer (and agent saw an API 404 error). With this fix when an agent transfers a call, the relative disposition is saved in report_call correctly 

Version 3.31.0

Feb 28, 2024


[XM-383][XS-6448] Fixed issue with missing filling out Userld field in the report_call when an external Agent logs in using the IVR AgentManagement. With this fix, the report_call is correctly filled with even for Agents logged with AgentManagement IVR

[XM-1318][XS-9052] Fixed issue with the creation of new calling contact when trigger was invoked and an error message appears. With this fix when the trigger starts ,the creation of a new contact works correctly

[XM-1429][XS-9269] Fixed issue with deleted Custom Fields from a removed List, displayed yet in global custom field and not among deleted custom fields section. With this fix, when you eliminate a custom field from a removed list, it is correctly viewed in the Deleted section of Global Custom Fields

[XM-1487][XS-9386][XS-9892] Fixed issue with Motion Bull Dialer Preview Campaign showing different sets of contacts for different agents. With this fix, if there are more agents connected to the same Preview campaign, the amount of contacts for the agents is equal distribuited if none of the agents click on preview icon to “book” a contact. Otherwise if an agent “books” for example 1 contact by clicking on the fire preview icon, the counter of preview contacts will be decreased of 1 for the other agents

[XM-1789][XS-9744] Fixed issue with import window remained frozen if contact csv import was interrupted. With this fix, when an user clicks on button stop while importing contacts, the dialog will close correctly. Admin/supervisor can call the endpoint api/system/:pid/kill , while previously if a supervisor called it, he was forcefully logged out

[XM-1805][XS-9804] Fixed issue with agent request to change password even if he logins with SSO. With this fix, the password change is no more requested for both users and agents if SSO auth is required

[XM-1922] Fixed issue with failed profile elimination: it is possible to delete a profile if there are not associated agents, while you can not delete it if there are agents logged in and a warning message appears. Moreover when an agent logs out or Disconnection Timeout expires, now ProfileId=NULL so if you try to delete the relative profile the operation is allowed because the system checks that no more agents are logged in

[XM-1923][XS-9934] Fixed issue with error message when adding an agent to multiple teams, like TeamA and TeamB (associated to the same queues, like TeamA: Queue1, Queue2 - TeamB: Queue1, Queue2), while the error did not appear if teams are added one at a time. With this fix, if the agent is added to multiple teams, the system associates it to the different teams correctly

[XM-2035][XS-10061] Fixed issue with Facebook integration no more working, showing 404 error. Specifically, if the list associated with an Openchannel Facebook account is deleted and you tried to verify the same account from the integrations portal you received a 404 error. To avoid this error, if you delete a list associated to an account, when you edit the account the List field (remained empty) must be highlighted in red as mandatory field

[XM-2125][XS-10260] Fixed issue with overflow in field Previous Password in user table, after password change: the value in the field Previous Password kept getting longer, especially with complex passwords. Moreover, when the password exceeded 240 characters, it was impossible to modify it from GUI. With this fix, it is possible to modify and save the new password correctly . In addition, the maximum character limit in password input is now up to 100

[XM-2156][XS-10307][XS-10342] Fixed issue with some openchannel interactions, where multiple agent have auto-answer, showing interaction assigned to null. With this fix, when an agent accepts an interaction, the other agents associated to the queue will view that the interaction is already accepted by someone else

[XM-2216][XS-10365][XS-10579][XS-10627][XS-10686] Fixed issue with data reset of the General Dashboard on every change of Open Channel tab, therefore the displayed values were incorrect. With this fix, the values on the tab are not refreshed anymore when switching to another tab

[XM-2282][XS-10479] Fixed issue with Rest API block impeding to correctly send the array in the body. With this fix, if you insert a Cally Square project in a route with arrays in the body, no errors are displayed

[XM-2287][XS-10504] Fixed issue with user unable to edit agent’s screen permissions (even if it was associated to user profile with permissions on agents section). With this fix, all agents' permissions are correctly viewed based on user profile permissions

[XM-2295][XS-10557] Fixed issue with RPC voice channels API returning error 400: calling the API endpoint api/rpc/voice/channels with the apikey as a querystring parameter returned the error 400 Bad Request. With this fix, this error does not appear anymore during active calls and channels of ongoing calls are correctly returned

[XM-2346][XS-10554][XS-10618][XS-10686] Fixed issue with restoring the end-point of the findAll, in order to not make as required the query parameter account if you access as Admin/User

[XM-2356] Fixed issue with failed socket connections if at least one cookie was not sent. With this fix, socket connections must accept as authorization API key or Bearer token, while if a new API key is generated the previous one will not be accepted as valid parameter for authentication

[XM-2399] Fixed issue with wrong pathway in Email account: if selecting Go to Interactions from an email account you were redirected to Actions tab. With this fix, if selecting Go to Interactions you will be addressed to the Interactions tab correctly

[XM-2409] Fixed issue with Queue Groups not showed when a user with relative permissions tried to associate these to a route. With this fix, if a user has the correct permissions, he can associate queue groups to inbound or internal routes, by selecting the preferred ones


[XM-953] Improvements of invite process for user/agent creation. It is now available a customizable template which includes the information about how to access, credentials, link and so on, which can be sent by email to the account created →

[XM-1682] Implementation of queue group visualisation: it is now possible to view all internal/inbound routes associated to a specific queue group. Moreover on queues section it’s possible to see/add queues groups associated to the different voice queues and you can see internal/inbound routes related to voice queue →

[XM-1822][XM-2193] Implementation of the new section “Queue Group Calls” in realtime voice section: calls related to queue group calls have been hidden from queue calls section and moved in the specific view →

[XM-1905] Update API call to License system: XCALLY Servers calls now License system, targeting directly the License API (without passing through the proxy anymore)

[XM-1948] Update of Voice Queues section: it is now possible to view to which extension a specific queue is associated by creating a column VoiceQueueId to filter on database queue and company. For example if you search in database the route (filtering for VoiceExtensionId) in voice_extension table the column VoiceQueueId is valorized

[XM-2105] Update in license verification for Voice Channel: some sections (like some items in user profiles downloads, prefix in list, clic to action in global custom fields, agent presence for agents) are visible only if VOICE=true. So if you enable XCALLY instant plan, only with WhatsApp channel, you do not see these sections related to voice channel

[XM-2106] Removal of the variable code XC_ENABLE_FILTER_QUEUESUMMARY: so if is variable is equal to TRUE or FALSE dialer has to start anyway

[XM-2121][XM-2329][XS-10258] Implementation of the field Auto Close in trigger with Action Motion Bar and type Popup by choosing a template. This feature has been introduced to prevent agents from receiving multiple pop-ups and they don’t have to close popup window by pressing “X” using their mouse thanks to this automatic option. Auto close update works only from 5.2.0 Phonebar version →

[XM-2184] Migration on New Client Experience of Dispositions section and a template useful for the migration has been created →

[XM-2212][XM-2365] Adding a timezone setting to the user panel of the new Client Experience. Moreover user can set a time format for reports through the dropdown menu →

[XM-2263] Management of AI license in Cally Square: Bot, ASR and TTS blocks are not visible if the AI license is disabled. This update is applied only on new installations licenses, not to old ones (on which used AI IVR blocks will remain enabled)

[XM-2314] Improvement of unifying the API for querying voice recordings. In this way, it is possible to standardize the API used by both admins and users for accessing voice recordings

[XM-2345] Update of trunk section: the Registry column has been removed from Trunks table; moreover in the creation modal, the eye icon has been added to the registry field, as well as in the edit of the Trunk in the Advanced tab →

[XM-2354] Improvement of user permissions for Realtime → Queues not working properly, because before user could see only the first 10: now, it is possible to view all the queues for which the user has relative permissions with the correct pagination

[XM-2370][XS-9715] Analysis of Changes in how Microsoft SSO operates, transitioning from Implicit Grant Flow to authorization code flow due to the removal of third-party cookies from browsers →

Version 3.30.1

Feb 7, 2024


[XM-2285][XS-10512] Fixed issue with missing toaster info of incoming call on the WebRTC. With this fix, the popup info appears when agents receive inbound calls

[XM-2289][XS-10521][XS-10546][XS-10566] Fixed issue with Scheduled Reports continuously displaying the status "Loading". This error was provoked by the absence of user, making impossible to retrieve date/time settings for user-related reports. With this fix, the Scheduled Reports work correctly, as the procedure of reports generation has been modified by using the general settings (not related to user)

[XM-2293] Fixed issue with the permission of Delete button in Cloud Providers: user profiles without delete permission viewed on edit modal the delete button. With this fix, the Delete button is visible only to user profiles with relative permissions

[XM-2310][XS-10282][XS-10535][XS-10544][XS-10560] Fixed issue with Fresh install database, displayed as empty, caused by an application problem. With this fix the issue has been solved


[XM-1893][XM-1894] Restyling of Queue Timings and Agents Profiles sections, e.g. by showing the menu on the left and filters on the bottom of the page→

[XM-1895] Graphical update of Queue Groups interface →

[XM-1896][XM-1897] Restyling of Call Inspector and Queues Inspector, including pop-up filters →

[XM-1998][XM-2005] Improvement of New Client Experience, including cog icon to set color and theme. Moreover on pages with multiselect option, it is now possible to deselect all elements →

[XM-2025] Added white label management on New Client Experience to view custom logos/header/page title uploaded in Customization section. Moreover a new row has been added with header white label and server version on the bottom of the pages →

[XM-2103][XS-9526] Cloud Providers menu has been moved into Tools menu, so user profiles with tools permissions can view/access to this section →

Version 3.30.0

Jan 31, 2024


[XM-733][XS-10170] Fixed issue with error message during the logout action with AzureAD (SAML) or via Microsoft SSO. With this fix the logout with SAML works correctly, doing a redirect to login page →

[XM-1172] Fixed issue with missing path handling on XCALLY User Client: when browsing with a XCALLY User Client address unrecognised/unmanaged from the routing module, the application remains suspended. With this fix a 404 Not Found page correctly displays, with the possibility to be redirected to the Dashboard

[XM-1386][XS-9040] Fixed issue with wrong report_call definition of transferred calls: wrong call direction was inserted in report in case of blind transfer. With this fix performing a blind transfer, the original call type (inbound or outbound) is reported on report_call table

[XM-1544][XS-9456] Fixed issue with notification of a New Abandoned Call when the agent was on Abandoned Queue Calls view, even if the call was answered. With this fix, if agent answers to inbound call and goes on Abandoned Queue Calls section, the notification does not appear anymore when the incoming inbound call is closed

[XM-1554][XS-9355] Fixed issue with transfer failed showing error “channel doesn’t exist”: when a call arrived on a empty queue and admin transferred call to agent and then agent transferred it to internal route associated to empty queue, it was impossible to find the proper channel and an error appeared. With this fix the channel is correctly found

[XM-1672] Fixed issue with generic error message (400) displayed when creating a new Queues Group using an already existing group name. With this fix a toast notification is correctly shown to warn the user about the specific error occured →

[XM-1706][XS-9698] Fixed issue with AWS Sentiment analysis displaying error if the trascription file is bigger than 5000 bytes. With this fix the AWS Sentiment analyses heavier than 5kb do not generate the error (because technically the system sends multiple files of 5kb to AWS to do analysis)

[XM-1947][XS-9906] Fixed issue with duplicated rows in report_mail_queue where rows appear as duplicated in some queue action configuration settings. With this fix the issue n mail routing analytics has been solved

[XM-2092][XS-9113] Fixed issue with trigger on incorrect agent. Specifically, the action was linked to the agent who accepted the interaction as first, even if an other agent closed it. With this fix, if two agents open the same interaction, the one who closes it invokes the trigger

[XM-2122] Fixed issue with Angular Material URL validation, allowed for invalid URL to pass: with this fix a better url validation in input field has been implemented

[XM-2236][XS-10402] Fixed issue with resetting availability time of the agent in the section Voice/Realtime on every tab change. With the implementation of the new timer to see the inactivity time of agents, the issue has been solved →

[XM-2267][XS-10454][XS-10476] Fixed issue with users cannot view queues in realtime. With this fix by creating a User Profile with relative permissions, queues in realtime are correctly visible


[XM-447][XS-7405][XS-10328] Update the authentication method for web socket connections: until now, the socket used an id field as query parameter when connecting; with this fix a motion.token parameter has been added to enhance security of web socket connections → explore our wiki to implement and try the new authentication mechanism (Jira credentials needed)

[XM-544] Improvement of URL Preview on OpenChannel, Chat and Whatsapp channels, showing the preview correctly for inbound and outbound messages

[XM-1273][XM-1652][XS-9314] Improvement of time format change on reports: admin can modify time format (specifically for standard date coming from database) by using formatting rules on reports. The new table report_date_format contains the several formatting formats and in settings and user_settings tables the relative id of the selected format will be saved. So admin/user can set the desired format from his user area and reports will be exported with the relative format →

[XM-1581][XS-9548] Update of Reply-To customized field, used for auto-reply: when the agent receives an email and click on Reply, if on email account configuration a replyTo address is set, this field must be used to send the auto reply (before this update only To field was considered)

[XM-1657] Implementation of opportunity to view how many times a contact has been rescheduled by the agent: by opening the Preview modal to recall a contact, it is possible to see a tab History, where the last 10 rows are uploaded and data are correctly displayed to all agents associated to the campaign →

[XM-1945][XS-8282] Addition of a new timer in Voice column on Realtime section to see the inactivity time of agents. With this update, planners can see the time spent since the last call handled by the agent in Realtime → Voice Info section (this value is taken by the new column lastIdleAt and shown only when agent is on ready status waiting for new interactions) →

[XM-2030][XS-9568] Implementation of PDF attachment format allowed when sending MMS/SMS via Telnyx

[XM-2061][XS-9933] Implementation of a new notes field in the modal of recordings rating. Rating and comment are visible in the popup that opens when clicking on the registration and also as tooltip by passing the cursor over the rating →

[XM-2064][XS-10131] Translation in German of some parts of the GUI, adding relative labels

[XM-2131][XS-10262] Improvement of data in the logs, when in Cally Square the REST API block returns an error response

[XM-2147][XM-2148] Implementation of the flag license.ai on license system: now to enable AI Tools (for new installations) for action list (on ChatWebsites, OpenChannel, Sms, WhatsApp Accounts), AI Tools on Settings and AI Tools on Voice recordings, you need to require the activation on your license →
Moreover in Cally Square section DialogFlow, DialogFlowV2 and Amazon Lex have been moved in the new “Bots” submenu →

[XM-2246][XS-10126] Update of New Tab for Salesforce Integration: when a trigger is invoked and a task is generated, the created ticket must have as Due Date the current day and it is necessary to create correctly the contact, by inserting the number of customer and not internal agent’s number

Version 3.29.3

Jan 23, 2024


[XM-2183][XS-10386][XS-10400] Fixed issue with Maximum limit set on 300 on interactions visualisation, so count number did not match with the effective number of viewable interactions and it was an issue with data filter. With this fix interactions paging works correctly on all channels as well as filter sorting by date

[XM-2231][XS-10383] Fixed issue with disposition not inserted in cm_hopper_final table: in Outbound Campaign calls, dispositions did not appear in the indicated table (except for Preview Method Campaigns). With this fix dispositions are correctly written with all type of campaigns.

Version 3.29.2

Jan 18, 2024


[XM-2213][XS-10267][XS-10356][XS-10369] Fixed issue with Analytics section visualisation based on permissions: by setting user profile permissions, to allow user to view Extracted Reports Section but giving access only to a limited number of reports, user viewed the Extracted Reports Section empty.
With this fix, if the admin associates only some Reports and Extracted Reports Section, the user will view all generated reports from the specific reports

[XM-2214][XS-10360][XS-10366][XS-10380] Fixed issue with interactions account search box not working across all channels. With this fix on Interactions section it’s possible to find correclty interaction using the search bar box

[XM-2218][XM-2219][XS-10335] Fixed issue with Customer Journey and Interactions sections, disappeared when admin/user click on Spy functionality on a interaction. With this fix both costumer journey and interaction details are correctly displayed in spy intaraction modal

Version 3.29.1

Jan 15, 2024

[XM-2119][XS-10306][XS-10324][XS-10343] Fixed issue with duplicate rows in thereport_agenttable, displaying incorrect results. With this fix the data in the report_agentare correctly shown without any duplicate

[XM-2128][XS-10269] Fixed issue with the creation or update of a contact, showing a error message. With this fix it is possible to create or update contacts with or without custom field and with or without changes in edit section, by saving the contact correctly

Version 3.29.0

Jan 10, 2024


[XM-904][XS-7310] Fixed issue with Offline Chat messages, not viewed in the correct way. With this fix when an Offline Chat message is displayed in the client, the text is shown with correct formatting and row breaks if there are several rows

[XM-1360] Fixed issue with Advanced Search with OR conditions not working for certain fields. With this fix, given an interaction, when agent uses advanced search with AND/OR conditions, it works correctly.
For enhancing security, in order to not get information related to other accounts/users and to work correctly, you need to specify in this API the query parameter OpenchannelAccountId

[XM-1488][XS-9385] Fixed issue with Trunk Call Limit, before not respected: if you change Trunk Call Limit, it is modified also in sip_xcally_trunks.conf

[XM-1574][XS-9507] Fixed issue with a delay for custom users to check “logged agents” on general dashboard. Now every update received from the socket will refresh the internal list of logged agents and every second the counter on the screen is updated, so dashboard shows the correct number of logged agents in realtime

[XM-1686][XS-9546] Fixed issue with agent API error: with a booked progressive campaign and contact manager trigger set on ring status, if an agent didn’t answer or rejected the call, multiple contact manager windows were created. Moreover an API 404 error appeared when agent disposed calls not answered by him because cm_hopper_final and cm_hopper_history tables were wrongly invoked.
With this fix when several cm tabs are open at the same time and agent does not answer or rejects a call from the dialer the system does not show error 404 because if the described scenario occurs, the following update calls are not executed: api/cm/hopper_final/{id} / api/cm/hopper_history/{id}

[XM-1768][XS-9712] Fixed issue with Motion did not load when motion.token saved in browser cookies was invalid, showing just the loading icon without reload. With this fix when motion.token is invalid and you refresh the page, it shows login interface correctly

[XM-1777][XS-9755] Fixed issue with custom fields deleted from GUI, but not from cm_contacts on database, by causing rows saturation in that table over time and not allowing the creation of new custom fields. With this fix Custom Fields (global or specific) have a select to filter also deleted filter, that you can decide to remove permanently, deleting it also from database →

[XM-1825] Fixed issue with Edit Whatsapp Account (Meta type), not saving a new inserted phone number. With this fix edit issues have been solved, so it’s possible to modify phone number or other fields in the account correctly

[XM-1852][XS-9971] Fixed issue with report_queue table that wrote mohtime e holdtime with the same value. With this fix records are inserted correctly in the table

[XM-1951][XS-9986] Fixed issue with Contacts Manager search, not working properly. With this fix when admin searches a contact using a part of contact’s name, the page shows contacts that contain that value correctly

[XM-1955][XS-10007] Fixed issue with API not returning "talking" value remaining at 0. With this fix while an agent is on call, API returns value talking=1

[XM-1979][XS-10039] Fixed issue with priority on contact list, not working with dialer: by inserting different priority values (from 0 to 4), the system always showed in the hopper MEDIUM as priority. With this fix, if you insert priorities from 0 to 4, they are written correctly and the queue campaign starts calls in priority order (0=lowest | 1=low | 2=medium | 3=high | 4=highest).

[XM-2007][XS-10079][XS-10097] Fixed issue with agent not appeared in realtime tab and unavailable to manage calls: if an agent was forced to log out (e.g. for socket timeout), during the reconnection (even if SIP was re-established) on admin GUI voice realtime agent was not visible, while by agent side he/she saw SIP registed (green dot) but not belonging to voice queues (only refreshing the page, agent was forced to log in again).
With this fix when the agent has network problems and the disconnection timeout has passed, agent is automatically redirected to login page when he/she reconnects. Otherwise when the agent has network problems and reconnects (with disconnection timeout not yet expired), the webRTC bar dot turns green and the agent can receive calls again on the assigned queues

[XM-2011][XS-10060] Fixed issue with Voice recording on chanspy not working (by using chanspy an empty 44-byte audio file was created as recording). With this fix Chanspy recording works correctly (even if there is a recording already active)

[XM-2029][XS-9258][XS-10291] Fixed issue with plugin with sidebar = always, not visible to agent menu. With this fix if you set a plugin with sidebar = always, on Staff → Agents → Tab permission custom plugins are correctly visible to agent with relative permissions

[XM-2041][XS-10123] Fixed issue with mandatory disposition on second and third level: if you set mandatory disposition it’s necessary to enable as required also 2° and 3° level dispositions

[XM-2087] Fixed issue with APIKey, still working as Bearer token even after deletion (when an APIKey was deleted, it did not work as query parameter but still as Bearer Token). We have solved this security issue and APIKey can not be used as Bearer Token, so any request made using it returns an error 401 - Invalid Bearer token

[XM-2120][XS-10257][XS-10267] Fixed issue with extracted reports, not updating pages and rows from non-admin users. With this fix both admins and users can access to Extracted Reports section, by changing pages and rows and viewing the updated elements correctly


[XM-1433] Improvement of modal for date range filter on Inspectors (calendar month limit): if you enter a date range setting on different months, the system automatically shows a warning to advice you that start date has been changed→

[XM-1548] Removal of Desk.com integration, now deprecated because part of Salesforce (so you can use Salesforce Integration. Configuration data of Desk.com is still available in the database but will be removed in v3.30.0.

[XM-1740] Implementation of options field on Queue Group application when you apply it on action flow (you can insert Asterisk Dial options)

[XM-1817] Implementation of a tooltip icon near search bar of Voice Recordings section with a wiki link to know fields on which filter is applied →

[XM-1909][XS-9514] Enabling socket events for those who wish to create their own integration to receive information on the report_call table. By default this feature of receiving events is not enabled and is activated if the socket is created with a query parameter 'as-machine' = true. In this way the socket will start receiving events on report_calls with the same structure as the other creation events on Motion (voiceCallReport:save event with the content of the row to database as payload)

[XM-1924] Improvement of Recontact Template on WhatsApp Meta Connector: by editing a template you can see if it has been created like a recontact one. Moreover on Advanced section of Meta Account, it’s possible to view all templates created as recontact option

[XM-1967] Update Asterisk, by adding the new column reason_paused in user_has_voice_queues_rt table

[XM-2012][XS-10041] Update of label APP.BASEURL in SMS Account

[XM-2051][XS-9677] Improvement of Does not Equal Filter in advanced agent search →

[XM-2075] Improvement of Web Report visualisation with full width modal

[XM-2133][XS-10268] Enabling the variable XC_BOOKED_PAUSE_MONITORING on new installations, with value =true by default →