V3 Cally Square

What’s about

Cally Square is a drag-and-drop IVR designer which provides useful tools to create and manage IVR applications for your Asterisk-based telephony system.

It is straightforward to create response applications using the various blocks including the others:

  • Callback, Dial, Internal Dial

  • Play audio

  • Play TTS, Speech Recognition

  • Get Digit

  • Options menu

  • Message Record

  • SMS/Email Send

  • DB integration


Concurrent Sessions:

Short Guide

This section covers topics related to:

  • Managing IVR Projects, where you can create and design an IVR flow on the drag-and-drop HTML5 design area

  • ODBC, where you can set different Database connections to be used on the IVR structure

  • Recordings, where you can preview or download audio files recorded in an IVR project 


The following are the main benefits of designing IVR Scripts:

  • offer a self-service to allow customers to solve their issues independently without speaking with an agent.

  • allow you to record customized greetings and messages so that when your customers call your company, 

  • Prioritize calls based on the caller's value. When a customer calls, the caller type can be extracted from a database, and IVR can route VIP customers to the most qualified agent to meet their needs. 

  • connect to a remote DB (ODBC) to extract information
    define the Variables and Intervals

  • use ASR to gather input and responses through spoken words 

  • perform call recording

In a typical scenario of a company that uses an IVR, the callers are first greeted and asked to choose from a series of prompts (e.g. “Press 1 for Sales”). The callers are routed to the most appropriate queue based on the button they press. If all agents are busy, the caller will wait in a queue or managed differently.